My name is Christian Liipfert. I have practiced law for more than forty years, in the US, Europe, and Asia.

I consult in three main areas: Compliance, Information Governance, and Knowledge Management. This website collects several of my articles and presentations in these areas.

The materials on this site are presented for educational purposes and do not constitute legal advice.


I am actively working on a range of Compliance topics.

With Ted Banks, I am the co-author of Chapter 1, “General Principles Behind a Compliance Program: The Case for Compliance,” in the Corporate Legal Compliance Handbook, published by Wolters Kluwer.

I currently work on the Monitor’s team for two different antitrust matters, one under the jurisdiction of the Federal Trade Commission and the other under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Competition Bureau. Both involve information firewalls, restricting the flows of certain types of information between and among different parts of the company.

Ted Banks and I made a presentation to SCCE Compliance & Ethics Institute, September 14-16, 2020, on “Effective Antitrust Programs: What does the Government Really Want?” Slides.

Here are a few other presentations and articles.

Information Governance

I work a lot in the broad area of information governance, including risk analysis, strategy development and implementation, facilitation of relationships between Legal, IT, Records Management, the businesses, and the other key stakeholders. 

My most recent presentation was to the Managing Electronic Records (MER)Conference on May 24, 2021. The topic was “Elevating the Importance of Your Information Governance Policies and Procedures.” Here’s a rough draft of that presentation (with video), and a copy of the slides.

For me, Information Governance involves looking at the entire lifecycle of information, including the distillation and reuse of that information through knowledge management processes.   I have assisted companies by reviewing their information-related policies and procedures; preparing written assessments of the effectiveness of their information programs, comparing those programs to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and guidance from the Department of Justice; designing a program to raise the company to a higher level of information management maturity; assisting with the development and delivery of the core elements of an information governance program; and facilitating the formation and operation of an information management steering committee.   

Other of my presentations on Managing Information as an asset can be found here.

Crisis Management

I have worked for many years on preparing to respond, and responding, to a range of corporate crises and emergencies. I developed and delivered training to the attorneys for a large international oil & gas company. Here are some of my articles and presentations.

Other topics

I have also included presentations and articles on various other topics: