Knowledge Management

September 28, 2010, titled “Avoiding Legal Pitfalls in Knowledge Management Initiatives.”  Again, in Flash format, and it runs about 25 minutes.

Presentation titled “Fostering a Knowledge Knowledge-Based In In-House Environment,” for a Marcus Evans Summit in Rancho Mirage, California, on May 16, 2005.

Articles titled “A Knowledge Management Primer” and “Knowledge Management: A Macro View,” from April 2003.

Article titled “Knowledge Management: A Micro View,” from December 2003.

Article titled “Knowledge Management: A Personal View,” from March 2006.

Article titled “Knowledge Management within a Multi-Location, Multi-Discipline Legal Function,” prepared in connection with a presentation at the South Texas College of Law in  2002, in Houston, Texas.

A MindMap on the 5 steps to success in Knowledge Management, from March 2003.

Presentation titiled “What KM is and Isn’t,” from April 2002.