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Christian Liipfert

Houston, TX

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While an attorney by training (I have practiced law for thirty years), for the past several years I have been actively promoting the concept of managing corporate information as an asset.  This is focusing on the Information Management box at the far left of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model developed by George Socha and Tom Gelbmann.  
I am now a consultant in the broad area of information governance, including risk analysis, strategy development and implementation, facilitation of relationships between Legal, IT, Records Management, the businesses, and the other key stakeholders.  Information governance involves looking at the entire lifecycle of information, including the distillation and reuse of that information through knowledge management processes.
I assist companies by reviewing their information-related policies and procedures; preparing written assessments of the effectiveness of their information programs; designing a program to raise the company to a higher level of information management maturity; assisting with the development and delivery of the core elements of an information governance program; and facilitating the formation and operation of an information management steering committee. 
As an introduction to my approach to these topics, please review the articles and presentations on this site.

I also have a blog in its infant stages - proof of concept for a course I am scheduled to teach at Rice University's Jones Graduate School of Business in Spring 2014.  Course is tentatively titled "An Introduction to Information Governance and Information Management."  The blog picks newspaper articles and discusses their information governance/information management implications.  For now, it is named  There's also a related Twitter feed at